What happens when a songwriter goes into advertising? Or did an advertiser go into songwriting? At this point I'm note sure which came first, but I do know that a memorable song is one of the best ways to get brands stuck in people's heads. And I've been lucky enough to write a bunch of them.

"Farm Rich Face" wasn't just hugely successful at teaching people about the brand's awesome snacks. It was also hugely popular--loved by the client, retailers, and consumers. Oh, and kids too. The jingle was so well-liked by the client, we also launched a karaoke app and a nationwide singing contest.

[Wrote "Farm Rich Face" as Creative Director at SCOUT.]

When Bazooka Candy Brands launched their fun new line extension for Baby Bottle Pop, I knew it was time for a new jingle. The brand's beloved jingle was infamous, so I wrote new lyrics for Baby Bottle Pop Rattlerz that were inspired by the original tune, but completely new. Working with Disney Radio's "Next Big Thing," Kicking Daisies, was just the tart candy nuggets on the lollipop.

[Wrote "Baby Bottle Pop Rattlerz" as Creative Director at DDB/Uproar!.]

Got a lot of information to convey, and a limited amount of time to do it? Sometimes a jingle is the only way to go. Delta Community Credit Union wanted to let homebuyers know about their attentive service, low rates, and $500 back at closing. This catch tune made sure homebuyers were humming those messages in their own heads.

[Wrote "Singing House" as Creative Director at SCOUT.]

Sometimes, work just doesn't seem like work. I wrote a Hulk jingle about smashing things, and got paid for it. That might even be me singing.

[Wrote "Hulk Smash" as Creative Director at DDB/Uproar!]