Hi, I'm Travis. I'm a Creative Director. I don’t have an agency. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a daydream for people like you.

That's right, I'm the Liam Neeson of advertising—only much more handsome.

What is that particular set of skills? Well, in no particular order:

  • Collaborative Creativity. In addition to my work as a Creative Director, I've been a professional improv comic for two decades. This means there are pictures of me in blackmail-worthy costumes all over the internet, and that I have farted onstage in front of 250 people. But it also means that I can harness the tools of improv to make idea generation more collaborative and inclusive. As a Creative Director, I make sure everyone is heard. Clients, account service, consumers, and decision makers all have a seat at the brainstorm.

  • Presentation. Public speaking is Americans' most common fear. Not me (but I have always had an irrational phobia that a Sasquatch might run out of some trees to get me). Possibly because of my lack of fear, and possibly because of my years of public performance, I've become a persuasive and confident presenter. I'm also skilled at building tight, to-the-point presentations that move people. And if everything goes all to hell, I can always bust-out my sweet, sweet dance moves.

  • Storytelling. Humans understand their world through stories. And I've been making them up for years. Whether that application is a play, musical, sketch, presentation, content, or maybe even an ad (ever heard of those?), the fact remains that compelling stories are the best way to emotionally engage people. Please don't hold the fact that I wrote an Ewok musical against me. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

  • Art and copy. Remember Kordell Stewart? He was the football player who earned the nickname "Slash" by playing Quarterback/Wide Receiver (and he could rush like a Running Back). Despite being ridiculously unathletic, I'm a little like Kordell. In my career, I've worked as a copywriter. But I've also had the titles "graphic designer" and "art director." So I'm either multitalented or indecisive. Either way, I'm the Creative Director who isn't afraid to tackle copy/art direction/design/illustration/music/production/whatever.

  • Media agnostic. I've worked at traditional agencies. I've worked at digital agencies. I would tell you I'm Tradigital, but if you're like me that word might make you vomit so I won't. Instead, I'll say if you need it, I can do it. I was about to write a big list of things I can do, but it's probably easier to list things that I can't: laser etching, interpretive skateboard riding, bugle calls.

  • Fun. This is the one you have to experience to believe, but for me it's the most important one. I like what I do. I like people. I like creativity. And I think we should all be having fun. If you work with me, I promise a smile when the meeting gets long, a joke when things get tense, and my honest opinion always. We're all in this together!

C'mon, give me a try! What's the worst that could happen?