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Dad’s Garage

Dad's Garage is an Atlanta theatre company with an international reputation for cutting edge comedy. Full disclosure: I've performed there since 2000. Dad's's marketing needs to be just as in-your-face as the live shows. So in each execution, we've presented a visual promise of the live mayhem that is to come.

Wicket is the musical that's manages to parody Star Wars, Wicked, the toy industry, and intellectual property law all in one ridiculous romp. I pulled multiple duties on this one: playwright, graphic designer, and social media manager all in one.

Wicket poster

10 Ways to Ruin Everything was the world premiere play that shared history's dumbest tragedies. Our campaign featured eye-popping posters and billboards, and a guerrilla sticker campaign that let advocates of the show identify what they thought was ruining everything. (For me it's gluten-free muffins.)


Here's a video I directed based on Song of the Living Dead, a musical I co-wrote. Ever wondered what would happen if zombies attacked a Broadway musical about love? Well, here's Chapter 1 of the answer.